Voltage Optimised Transformer

7 April, 2016

Our Distribution Transformer Business Unit has developed an economic Voltage Optimised Transformer (VOT), equipped with a mechanical on load tap changer (OLTC) and completed with a smart controller, also designed by Wilson Transformer Company.

Distribution Network Owners face the challenge of maintaining voltage levels that comply with the Australian Federal Standards. High levels of Photovoltaic (PV) penetration and uncontrolled loads make this particularly difficult. Wilson Transformer Company’s VOT provides an economic solution to this problem. We combine reliable transformer technology with a proven computer controlled tap changer and control algorithms to keep voltages within acceptable limits.

Conventional distribution transformers already have the ability to deal with the majority of this problem, but voltage levels must be known and the taps must be changed manually (off line). Wilson Transformer Company’s VOT manages this automatically. The tap changer used in our VOT products will achieve at least 25,000 operations at full load before filter maintenance is required. Control algorithms are designed to allow voltages to be limited within the required limits while retarding tap changes maintaining the life of the transformer.

In the unlikely event that our control system fails, our VOT will remain as a conventional transformer, set at a ratio that was optimum at the time, and there would be no interruption to the supply of power to customers during such an event. Wilson Transformer Company’s VOT provides an economical and reliable solution to many of the challenges faced by Distribution Network Owners.