What it’s like to intern at WTC

27 January, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to intern at WTC?

Every summer, university students come to WTC’s Glen Waverley and Wodonga sites for a three-month internship. Our highly successful program is a two-way partnership: students bring a fresh perspective and bright ideas to our workplace, and we offer them real industry experience. The program also aims to aspire future graduates to work in the power industry in Australia.

As an industry partner of the Australian Power Institute (API), WTC offers engineering students paid employment during their summer vacations through the API Bursary program. And this year is no exception. We have recently welcomed three interns who are now working alongside our colleagues in the engineering and supply chain departments across the Distribution and Power Transformer Business Units.

Let’s meet the future engineers and find out what their experience has been like so far working at WTC.

Alyssa Cary – Mechanical Engineering Intern (Melbourne)

Bachelor of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) at RMIT University, Class of 2021.

Ms Cary is interning in our Power Transformer Business Unit and assisting with designing new concepts for oil-directed frames and their components. Ms Cary said that working at WTC has given her a new perspective about the design and production processes.

“Everything has to go through so many iterations of ideas and concepts before something can be made, and there is so much complexity that goes into the build of each component,” she said.

Ms Cary also expressed that she was pleasantly surprised by the transition from university to office.

“It seemed strange at first to come to work five days a week and wear a suit and high-vis… It’s really nice to work in an environment where everyone is very kind… WTC provides not only a great first real job but an excellent first working experience.”


Tim Aebi – Engineering Intern (Wodonga)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (honours) at University of Newcastle, Class of 2021.

Mr Aebi is interning in our Distribution Transformer Business Unit and assisting with reviewing the production line for the assembly of the transformers as well as designing tools to make the assembly process more efficient and safer.  

He said that prior to working at WTC he did not have much knowledge about transformers and how they were made but through his internship he has gained a better understanding.

“By talking to engineers here I have begun to better understand the role of an engineer, the things that they need to consider and the types of problems that they face on a day-to-day basis,” Mr Aebi said.

Working at WTC has also motivated him to finish his degree and get out in the industry and make a difference.


Aishowrye Vaidya – Supply Chain Intern (Melbourne)

Bachelor of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Business (International Business), at RMIT University, Class of 2022.

Ms Vaidya is interning in our Power Transformer Business Unit and assisting with streamlining the current inventory process through the implementation of barcoding.

Ms Vaidya says that she has learnt a lot during her WTC internship about the internal processes, barcoding and the factors needed to be considered for optimisation.

“The experience has shown me how optimisation can help grow businesses and has inspired me to continue to look more into this area,” she said.

“Since technology is always evolving and businesses are continually growing, optimisation will be always needed to ensure that we are always using the most effective approach.”  

Ms Vaidya also said that she has found the experience of working at WTC to be very inspiring.