Padmount Substations for Data Centers

10 July, 2017

A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components. It serves as a platform for cloud and large enterprise customers. They are now being built in Australia because the owners and their end clients want political stability and reliable electricity. 

Wilson Transformer Co has partnered with Siemens Australia to deliver Padmount Substations to several local Data Centers.

The padmount substations comprising of transformer and HV and LV protection, monitoring and communication equipment are being used to power data halls – typically computers and cooling systems. Large data centers are typically equivalent to industrial scale operations using as much electricity as a small town (50-80 MW).

WTC is well placed to meet strong local demand for transformers and substations used in premium data center services, which comes amid growth in data consumption and cloud services.

IMG 0850

A 1500kVA, 0.415/11-22kV (dual HV) KNAN transformer equipped with Siemens HV RMU and LV protection and communication/monitoring. Completely type tested solution as per AS requirements.

IMG 1471u

Units are ready for dispatch at our Wodonga plant (photo taken in June).