Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures

As well as operating two manufacturing facilities in Australia, WTC has also established and invested in subsidiaries in Australia, the United Kingdom and United States of America, and joint ventures in Malaysia, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.


 Dynamic Ratings                             

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Dynamic Ratings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilson Transformer Company, is a world leader in providing monitoring, control and communication solutions for electrical power apparatus.

The business has been built around our core knowledge of the design and operation of the equipment we monitor and control. This knowledge has generated new analytics and monitoring techniques that continually improve reliability including the prevention of major failures, provide maintenance savings and reveal additional capacity from electrical equipment.

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TJ|H2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd

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TJ|H2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd, a joint venture between Wilson Transformer Company and TJ|H2b Analytical Services Inc., USA, is the NATA certified laboratory that specialises in providing diagnostic testing and condition monitoring services for high voltage equipment.

TJ|H2b Analytical Services Pty Ltd analyses solid paper and oil insulation used in transformers, oil-filled circuit breakers, tap changers, and ring main units. We also provide unique capabilities in thediagnostic testing of SF6 gas insulation used in circuit breakers and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).

All testing is done to rigorous local and international standards, including the total gas extraction by vacuum method for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA). Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA™), Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA™), Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA™) and Breaker Gas Analysis (BGA™) were developed to address shortcomings with existing assessment tools.

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EWT Transformer Sdn Bhd                    


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EWT Transformer Sdn Bhd (formerly known as EPE Wilson Transformer Sdn Bhd) is a joint venture company whose principle shareholders are a Malaysian Bumiputra Company, Wira Digital Sdn Bhd and Australia’s Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd(WTC).

EWT has now become one of the preferred suppliers of distribution transformers, compact substations and earthing transformers. With its proven track records, reliability of its products and strong after sales services, EWT business has grown substantially since its establishment in 1993.

Since its inception, EWT has secured a significant number of contracts from the utilities especially from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and other private sector customers.

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Utec and USSG                                                                                                                           


Utec (United Transformers Electric Company), a joint venture between Bawan in Saudi Arabia and Wilson Transformer Company, has the engineering and technical capability to produce any custom made distribution transformer as per customer’s requirement.

Utec’s affiliate USSG (United Substations and Switchgear) has substantial capability to produce substations as per SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) specs, Municipalities Specs or customs made type. The substations consist of either Transformer + LV compartment (unit substation), or RMU + Transformer + LV (package substation). The ratings vary from 100KVA up to 2000KVA or more.  USSG also produces a range of low voltage equipment including products for power factor correction.

Utec is a major supplier in the Saudi Arabian market, the surrounding GCC countries as well as across many parts of Africa.

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GridON has partnered with Wilson Transformer Company, a shareholder and engineering and manufacturing partner, to bring its novel, world-class portfolio of Fault Current Limiters (FCLs) to the market. We have delivered proven, fully tested commercial FCL, scalable to extra high voltage ratings.

Together we have delivered the first Fault Current Limiter to UK Power Networks main substation in Newhaven, East Sussex installed and commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).  In addition we have delivered and installed a larger 30MVA FCL to a Western Power Distribution Castle Bromwich substation in the United Kingdom.

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