World Class Capabilities

At WTC, we apply world-class engineering and manufacturing processes in our day-to-day operations, providing our customers with superior quality and timely delivery of our transformer solutions through innovation, technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Our engineering teams utilise the latest design software with in-house developed systems to optimise the electrical and mechanical design of our products and ensure their life-time performance and safety.

Our programs address the most fundamental aspects of transformer performance, such as impedance and losses, dielectric strength of the insulation system, short circuit withstand strength, cooling performance, sound level, mechanical strength for lifting, transport and earthquake conditions, vacuum and pressure withstand, and dimension and mass constraints for transport and site requirements.

Both of our manufacturing sites have extensive storage facilities for transformers of any size.

Our storage practices include regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that our products are ready to be deployed when required.

Our world-class capabilities include: