Supply Chain Management

Wilson Transformer Company apply a strategic approach in developing supply chain relationships and partnerships that provide value to both parties via an integrated management process. These approaches extend from our material and component suppliers to our customers whom we deliver products and solutions.

These type of strategic relationships and partnerships are not suited for all businesses, however they are very well suited to businesses with long standing commitments who focus on the whole of life cost.

Our manufacturing processes have been continuously improved using LEAN manufacturing methodologies and the capability of our people. To support our operations, our supplier’s quality and delivery performance is critical and requires monitoring continuously.  As such, we work closely with our key suppliers to make sure their operations, supply of materials and components also improve our products and solutions.

Our engineering teams continuously develop new features and/or products to assist in our customer’s challenges as well as improve reliability and efficiency of electricity networks.  Products such as the Low Voltage Regulators, Fault Current Limiters, regulating low voltage pole mount transformers, and dead front pole mount transformers are just a few of the innovative solutions we have developed.

As part of the Built Smart for Life philosophy, we focus on global best practices to ensure continuity of supply and superior quality of our products.