Spare Parts

Wilson Transformer Company has an extensive range of spare parts as well as parts that can be retro-fitted to manage ageing assets, reduce maintenance cost and extend a transformer’s life.

Our range of spare parts includes:

  • Silica gel breathers, cartridges and replacement gel
  • Auto-recharging dehydrating breathers
  • Molecular sieve moisture management systems
  • Ground accessible conservator bags
  • Naphthenic mineral oil or high fire point environmental fluid
  • Oil and winding temperature indicators
  • Pressure relief devices
  • Gaskets – pre-cut, sheet or roll
  • Fans, pumps and related controls
  • Radiators, heat exchangers and header assemblies
  • Buchholz gas/surge relays and ground level receivers
  • Bushings and adaptor flanges
  • Anti-vibration pads for mounting underneath transformers
  • Fall prevention and restraint systems
  • On and off load tap changer parts
  • Control cubicles
  • On-line monitoring devices such as for bushing DLA & capacitance, transformer partial discharge, moisture, oil quality & DGA
  • Any other specific requirement from our customers