350MVA 330/33/33kV Power Transformer for Waratah Super Battery Project

4 May, 2024

On Saturday, the last of the three 350MVA 330/33/33kV power transformers started its epic journey out of Melbourne to its final destination in NSW, at the site of the former Munmorah coal-fired power station, in a complex 9-day operation. With a transport mass of 170 tonnes and being carried by a 477-tonne superload, the transformer makes for an unforgettable sight.

Transporting a transformer of such size is quite challenging. It requires thorough planning and preparation before the move, including obtaining special permits, planning a route for transportation, considering critical existing infrastructure for the passage of the oversize vehicle, and raising awareness among road users.

The complex transportation to site was completed using beam-set and multi axle trailer configuration which required detailed planning and execution by WTC and its subcontractor, ODLS.

The project is being developed by Akaysha Energy. WTC is supplying 3 x 350MVA 330/33/33kV and 145 x 7.3MVA 33/0.77/0.77kV transformers (all made in Australia) to Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) and Akaysha Energy for the project. Our transformers will play an essential role in ensuring the correct voltage levels between different parts of the system and the electrical grid and will be used to charge and discharge energy to/from the battery.

The Waratah Super Battery, at 850 MW / 1680 MWh will likely be the world’s most powerful battery when connected to the grid.

Click HERE to watch a quick recap of the project.