Open skid style transformer solution for BESS applications

16 February, 2022

Our Distribution Transformer Business Unit has developed an open skid style transformer solution for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) applications. This solution incorporates a 5,000kVA transformer, rated for increased ambient temperature operation, and outdoor rated MV switchgear - all mounted on a fully bunded galvanised steel base.
This arrangement provides BESS projects with a fully integrated and easy to install solution that offers a range of safety and eco-friendly features, such as transformer protection equipment and an oil-water separator system to prevent oil spills to the environment. In addition, all MV and LV connections are located and protected within the enclosed skid arrangement.
The photo below features the WTC open skid style transformer solution that has recently been supplied for the Black River BESS project – the first of five new solar battery storage sites being developed by Energy Queensland to support the state’s continual uptake of renewable energy.